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Free Webinars: Week of September 28 - October 2, 2020

MATH MONDAY LIVE: Gerrymandering

Monday, September 28th, 2-2:30 pm PDT

While playing with puzzles, students grades 2-8 will explore math behind voting and elections. Parents welcome.
Register here for Math Mondays.


martes, el 29 de septiembre, 2-2:30 pm PDT

Los estudiantes jugarán SET, un juego con múltiples conexiones matemáticas. Los padres son bienvenidos.
Matricularse aquí para los martes matemáticas.

ADVENTURES IN EXPLODING DOTS: Lesson 3, Weird English… Addition & Multiplication

Wednesday, September 30th, 8-8:45 am PDT

Repeating cycle of six lessons for students in grades 4 and up and their teachers, hosted by James Tanton and Raj Shah of the Global Math Project. See the flyer for more details, and check out Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 if you missed them!
Register here for Adventures in Exploding Dots lessons.

MATH TEACHERS’ CIRCLE: Diary of an Online Educator Before COVID

Thursday, October 1st, 4:30-6 pm PDT

Join Sophia Stier, creator of LilMathGirl, for a candid conversation about her experiences as a student, parent, and educator, learning and teaching online for 14 years, with an eye toward shedding light on how we can navigate the present moment.
Register here for the Math Teachers’ Circle professional development series.

Virtual School Engagements

This fall, we will offer free virtual school engagements for Title I elementary and middle schools.


Mathematically deep activities for grades 2 – 8 led by our staff with creative use of online manipulatives and a focus on fun.
Request a Virtual Classroom Visit.


Math games and activities for the  whole school grades K – 8 where students, teachers, and families freely explore engaging mathematics in a virtual event hall.
Request a Virtual Math Festival. provides joyful, collaborative math activities for K-12 students, parents, and educators. 

Our activities are designed by professional mathematicians and educators to promote mathematical thinking and fun at the same time. We emphasize collaboration rather than competition, and focus on building inclusive communities around mathematics. is an initiative of the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mathematics research institute funded by the NSF and based in San Jose, CA.

Math Communities Map
MathCircles.orgJulia Robinson Mathematics FestivalMath Teachers' CircleMath MondayAlliance of Indigenous Math CirclesGlobal Math Project

Audience: K-12 students and teachers/mathematics professionals

Description: Math Circles are communities of students and educators who meet regularly to explore, discover, and get excited about mathematics through problem-solving. The National Association of Math Circles connects local math circles throughout the U.S.


Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Audience: K-12 students, teachers, and families

Description: JRMF supports locally organized festivals that inspire K–12 students, their teachers, and their families to celebrate mathematics together through collaborative, creative problem-solving. 


Math Teachers' Circle

Audience: K-12 and higher-education mathematics professionals

Description: Math Teachers’ Circles (MTCs) are communities of K-12 and higher-education mathematics professionals who meet regularly to explore mathematics together. The Math Teachers’ Circle Network connects locally organized MTCs throughout the U.S.


Math Monday

Audience: K-12 students and parents/community volunteers

Description: Math Monday is a weekly drop-in lunchtime or after-school activity where students play with games, puzzles and manipulatives that help build their math skills.


Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles

Audience: Indigenous K-12 students and their teachers

Description: The Alliance of Indigenous Math Circles is a global and inclusive community of Math Circles supporting Indigenous students and their teachers. 


Global Math Project

Audience: K-12 students and teachers/mathematics professionals

Description: The Global Math Project is a worldwide movement committed to inspiring educators everywhere to ignite and sustain in their students a love for learning mathematics, through a series of “Global Math Weeks” and supporting classroom materials.


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