Math Circle Classroom Visits

This fall, we are offering virtual math activities and lessons for 2nd to 8th grade classrooms. These lessons will be hosted by staff of the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) and feature unique and engaging math topics and online manipulatives with a focus on fun!

Lessons last 60 minutes and are for the whole class. These will be hosted via a Zoom call and feature a mix of video lecture and small group breakout rooms using online activity tools on either Google Drive, Desmos, or web-based apps created by AIM.

To arrange a visit to your class, please fill out the form below along with which days you are available for your lesson. Classes are free but limited to first-come-first-serve staff availability, and we currently can only provide these visits to schools receiving Title 1 funding support. Upon filling out the form, we will reach out within 2 business days to confirm staff availability and provide you with more details to arrange your visit. Using the calendar below, you can select multiple possible days that work for your class, but we will only arrange for one visit per classroom.

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