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How to Create Our Interlocking Tetrahedra Logo

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter A tetrahedron (plural: tetrahedra or tetrahedrons), also known as a triangular pyramid, is a polyhedron composed of 4 triangular faces, 6 straight edges, and 4 vertex corners (vertices). Our newsletter logo is made of 5 interlocking tetrahedra. Each is shown in a different color and is made from 6 strips of paper with dimensions in the ratio

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The Gobbling Math Turkey Game

Facebook Twitter Here’s a game that’s sure to get you into a gobbly good mood for Thanksgiving while reinforcing your knowledge of the order of mathematical operations at the very same time!  All you need are the following items to get started:  One 6-sided die A one-minute timer (a watch or kitchen timer works well) Pens or pencils Scratch paper

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Math Communities Blog

Each week, we update our blog with a detailed look into a math activity as well as an article showing a unique look into math education and online learning. Posts added Thursdays at 7pm PT (Los Angeles Timezone).

Educators, do you have an idea you’d love to share? Contact us below to submit to our blog! 

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Math Circular

Coming in late 2020! The semi-annual Math Circular magazine collects stories, activities, and experiences from math professionals nationwide. 

While waiting for the first issue of the Math Circular, you can browse back issues of the previous version of our magazine, the MTCircular, which was published from 2011 to 2019.

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