Math Monday: Ascending/Descending Numbers

Let's say we shuffle a set of cards from 1-9 and lay them down side by side. How many cards can we find that are ascending? How about cards that are descending? Javier Haro will explore with students how to find arrangements that have a certain amount of ascending and descending numbers. Zoom Link

Math Monday: The Race To 99

Starting with the number 1, how fast can we reach our goal using only addition? This week, we have a special guest, Joshua Zucker, that will be working with students to find strategies in racing to 99 and a bunch of other numbers (small and big) too! Zoom Link

Math Monday: Nurikabe

Let's create some islands in the classic game Nurikabe! We will be using a square grid with some numbered clues. With these clues, we must make our islands from connected white squares and a body of water from black squares. Keep in mind that we can't have any 2x2 square sections in our body of …

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Math Monday: Kakuro

Kakuro is a puzzle with numbers where you are creating “numbered words”. These “words” are created by adding up numbers, from 1 through 9, to get specific numbers provided (shown either on the top or left of white squares). There is only one other rule to keep in mind—you cannot place a number more than …

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Math Monday: Hitori

Starting with a square grid filled with numbers, we will get rid of numbers (by blacking them out) so that there is only one of each number in any row or column. The only thing is that we can't black out numbers that are next to each other (vertically or horizontally). Lastly, all numbers left …

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Math Monday: Battleships

Based on the popular 2-player game Battleship, this logic puzzle has us finding the locations of ships! Battleships come in different sizes (occupying 1 square, 2 squares, etc.). Hints given around the edge of the grid tell us how many squares of a ship(s) are in each column or row. Battleships cannot be next to …

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