Joyful Mathematics At Home!

Joyful Mathematics
At Home!

With may students staying home for the COVID-19 quarantine, JRMF and the National Association of Math Circles have created resources for students & families to engage with math from home!

These mathematically-minded activities can be played with materials found around the house and a little bit of printing or can be played entirely online through use of Google Slides!

Witches' Cauldrons
(Online Version)

This lesson can be done entirely through Google Slides. Click the button below to view Wolves & Sheep on Google Drive.

Witches' Cauldrons (Offline Version)

Witches' Cauldrons
(Offline Version)

You’re placing numbers into cauldrons. You must first start by placing the number 1 into a cauldron, then 2, then 3, and so on… However, if any two numbers in a cauldron add together to make another number in the same cauldron, they explode! The cauldron empties, and you have to start over from 1.

What is the largest number you can place into the cauldrons without exploding?

Good for Grades: Middle – High School

Strategies: Working backwards, Wishful thinking

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