Joyful Mathematics At Home!

Joyful Mathematics
At Home!

With may students staying home for the COVID-19 quarantine, JRMF and the National Association of Math Circles have created resources for students & families to engage with math from home!

These mathematically-minded activities can be played with materials found around the house and a little bit of printing or can be played entirely online through use of Google Slides!

Wolves & Sheep
(Online Version)

This lesson can be done entirely through Google Slides. Click the button below to view Witches Cauldrons on Google Drive.

Wolves & Sheep (Offline Version)

Wolves & Sheep
(Offline Version)

Your goal is to  place sheep and wolves on a game board so no sheep will be eaten!
You can place your wolves and sheep wherever you want, but wolves will eat any sheep they have a straight path to. So sheep are in danger if any of the following:

  • A wolf and a sheep are on the horizontal line
  • A wolf and a sheep are on the same vertical line
  • A wolf and a sheep are on the same diagonal line
Can you figure out an arrangement so no wolf is able to eat a sheep?

Good for Grades: 2nd – 5th

Strategies: Working backwards, Wishful thinking

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